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2 min readFeb 13, 2021


In the Age of Ethereum, What Comes Next?

This week’s “Money Reimagined” studies the significantly quickly required Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. What is it and also why does it matter?

We talk with Danny Ryan, a scientist atthe Ethereum Foundation He has actually come to be a principal in the challenging “herding the cats” job of “herding the cats” of obtaining thousands of various stakeholders in this vivid decentralized area lined up sufficient to carry out the large 2.0 shift with enough communication.

With Danny’s assistance we damage the entire point down in such a way that comes to individuals past the programmer area: Proof-of- risk agreement, sharding, layer 2 and also exactly how decision-making and also advancement occurs in this self-contained open-source atmosphere.

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We placed everything in the context of a titan boom for the Ethereum environment, as cash puts right into heated decentralized money (DeFi), as a mania for nonfungible symbols (NFTs) plays out, and also as ether strikes brand-new all-time highs as big establishments gain direct exposure using brand-new CME futures. All this is bringing right into plain alleviation the immediate demand to development the system’s scalability as blockage on the network is increasing purchases expenses, or “gas fees” to unsustainable degrees.

It’s a prompt episode, in various other words. Have a pay attention.

Image Credit: Sander Weeteling/Unsplash

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